It is mainly for the ability to defect the aging of cells. Its effects are also used for the treatment with tumor diseases or stimulation of immune system. In the tradictional Chinese mediceine, it is an effective weapon as a treatment of many diseases, with their prevention and this is all without side effects.


It is said that if a healthy person was taking it, it would help him to avoid the illness. An unhealthy person can get fast from the disease. The mushroom has also got an anti-inflammatory, a hypotensive, an antiallergic, an antiviral, an antitumor and an hypolipidemic effects. It is even approved by the government in Japan and China to prevent and support the treatment for cancer and it is included in to the official list of the drugs. The mushroom Reishi contain of polysaccharides which is strengthening the immunity and it is killing the pathogenic germs. The mushroom also contains of organic germanium which contributes better tied of oxygen to the blood, as well as secretion of toxins from the body.  In its composition are included the triterpenoids, adenozin, some vitamins and minerals. 

Scientists have been analyzing the ingredients and have found that they contain of all the essential amino acids, the minerals have a distinct content of iron and selenium and contain of some B vitamins. It is quite interesting, that it has got rather high content of precious element of germanium.  Some scientists are contenting the germanium with anticancer effects, others mention that it is supporting the immunity.

It contains large number of different types of polysaccharides, which are affecting its ability to support the immunity (some of them are like beta-glucan).  Some scientists are trying to examine an anticancer activity. It also contains a great deal of antioxidants, polysaccharides, triterpenes, fiber, organic germ, enzymes, adenosine. Terpenoids, which are included, should have an anti-inflammatory effect. Between the most important terpenoids are included ganodermic acid and lucid acid. The experts have considered that this mushroom is traditionally recommended for problems with memory due to the action of certain substances from the group of terpenoids have beneficial effects of Alzheimer's disease, as well as the problems of memory and age-related dementia.

These substances should also prevent of beginning of the thrombosis (thanks to the content of adenosine) or it release the histamine (Reishi is recommended for this reason also with allergic person).  According its beneficial effects on our health also include the support for the detoxification of the body, normalization of blood pressure, it helps to lower cholesterol, it is useful in allergies, it helps with sleep disorder or for the treatment of asthma and it has number of other effects. It is important to emphasis that between the significant response is included the effect of immunostimulation or immunomodulation which significantly support the immunity. It is also improving cellular metabolism, removing toxins to accumulate the liver in the body and protects them from harmful pests. Reishi is also promoting the physiological function of the liver and stimulation of the heart (it contains of substance which is improving flow of blood). 

The extract of Reishi is frequently combined with vitamin C, because it helps to improve the reception of polysaccharides contained in this mushroom. Reishi is recommended for an insomnia, a heart failure, a mental fatigue, a disorientation, dizziness and other similar conditions. Reishi has connection to the lungs.  It can transform phlegm to stop coughing and breathlessness. It is possible to see from all that this mushroom has an enforcement in the Chinese traditional as well as in the modern medicine.

Many researches have been carried out for the healing effects of REISHI and its benefits to the treatment of cancer. All investigations were conducted through "* invitro" and on humans like experiments.  In the addition of a well-known ginseng, REISHI is a mushroom dimensioned at the top of traditional Chinese healing herbs. In China it is known as LingChi or Lingzhi, while in Japan it is recognized as REISHI.  However, in the West it is generally known as Ganoderma Lucidum. This mushroom was used in more than 2000 years ago by Chinese monkhood as the part of their treatment for different diseases. In Asia, REISHI is commonly and widely used as a treatment of cancer, also as stimulator for the immune system to heal the organism.  Many researches have been carried out on various healing mushrooms and REISHI has more benefits of them all.  REISHI is considered one of the most respected herbal medicines in Asia. The researches done in Japan, Europe and in some parts of America shows that there is one common element from all studies that REISHI could affect the immune system in the most amazing and positive way. Insufficient immunity has a significant impact on all number of diseases, including various forms of cancer. REISHI has been significantly improving the immune system - the scientists have also found it has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, antiviral, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

  • Lowering cholesterol and improving the metabolism
  • Blood purification and detoxifying the body leads to revitalization of the cell
  • Increasing liver function and removing free radicals
  • Dissolution of the blood clot - help to prevent stroke / heart attack
  • Normalization of immunity (polysaccharide + triterpenoids)
  • Increasing of the vascular flexibility
  • Building the immunity - the body is better producing an antibody


Studies has also shown that REISHI could inhibit the cancer cells and create new capillaries and which have a very strong anti-tumor effect.  REISHI is also known for being an important element in reducing side effects over radio and chemotherapy and for its encourage the appetite to a patient of the cancer.

So, who can have benefit from REISHI?  People with diabetes, hypertension / hypotension, asthma, kidney, liver, brain, intestinal problems, cancer, stomach, gout, cysts, myoma, heart and many other problems.

It is very suitable for people without illness because it strengthens the immune system. For many generations of people, the mushroom REISHI was used in Japan and China as a medicine for high blood pressure, arthritis and liver disease.

REISHI has no side effects and could be accepted by doctors as a medicine, but pharmaceutical companies are strongly against of that.  On the market it can be found mostly in tablets or capsules, but make sure they are composed of a small amount of mushroom powder and a large amount of ingredients - then the effect is relatively low. The powdered form of pure polysaccharide is the most preferred form of use.

REISHI is the substance which helps the body to heal itself. Is it an alternative therapy which does wonders to heal the people suffering from several diseases such as stomach ulcers, arthritis, insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, various allergies, asthma, bronchitis, cancer, neurasthenia and many other diseases.

Taking REISHI is a therapy because it helps your body to release the toxins, improves the immunity and heals itself.  REISHI does not anything other than helping your body to work properly.

This can be done easily because it has 250 healing ingredients to help to youthened the body's cells, the equipment which is needed in the fight against the disease. We would like to mention some of them which are rich for an organic Germanium, triterpenoids, adenosine, polysaccharides and essence of Ganoderic.

REISHI really does not have any side effects and is the safest product against aging as a nutritional supplement. Adaptogen is the health concept for what the Nobel Prize was awarded, and is a substance that is nontoxic, with normalizing effect and there are no limits to any special organs or tissues.

The mushroom REISHI was recognized as the king of adaptogens in China. The treatment with adaptogen is a normalization of all body functions to increase the body's resistance against the stress and fatigue.





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